Ambre Solaire Ultra-hydrating Sun Cream SPF 50+

200ml. Made in Germany. Expire 12 months after open up the lib. Non greasy - water resistant.
Manufacturer: GARNIER, FRANCE
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Ambre Solaire Ultra-hydrating Sun Cream SPF 50+

Formula 100% conforms to European recommendations*
*Formula conforms 100% to European recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays

Protects your skin today and for the future
The patented filtration system containing Mexoryl® SX protects against UVB induced skin damage and UVA rays that cause premature skin ageing.

Enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamin C*
The formula reinforces the skin's natural defences.

Ultra-hydrating protection lotion
The formula quenches your skin with moisture and helps protect against the drying effects of the sun.

*Vitamin Cg
SPF = Sun Protection Factor
Non greasy - quick application
Water resistant
Advanced UVA UVB protection
Tanned fair skin

Product Uses
Usage recommendations
Apply the sunscreen product just before sun exposure.
Re-apply frequently and generously to maintain protection, especially after swimming, perspiring or towelling.
Use sunscreen products that offer sufficient protection for your skin.

Products specifications
WEIGHT 200 ml