Pink Tulip BIOTIN 10,000MCG

For hair growth, strong nails and healthy skin. NUTRITION INFORMATION: Biotin 10000mcg. Expiry Date: 01/2021
Manufacturer: PINK TULIP, UK

Biotin is very popular daily supplement for hair growth, strong nails and healthy skin .

Transforme’s high strength Biotin supplement with Coconut Oil is a naturally great for strengthening hair, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss, as well as growing strong and healthy nails, and for great looking skin, too!

Why Should You Take a Biotin with Coconut Oil Supplement?

 Biotin, otherwise known as vitamin B7, has many health and beauty benefits for men and women; it supports cell growth and can help to promote strong and healthy hair growth, reduce hair loss, and in some cases even help with the regrowth of thinning hair, nerve pain and damage, muscle cramps and many other conditions. and helps the body break down fats, carbohydrates, and other substances. 

Biotin supplements can also help to reduce brittleness in the nails – Biotin with Coconut Oil can leave fingernails and toenails looking strong and healthy.

 Biotin has been used in alternative medicine as a likely effective aid in treating or preventing biotin deficiency. Biotin deficiency can be caused by malnutrition, rapid weight loss, long-term tube feeding, and other medical conditions.

A biotin deficiency can occur. If it does, these symptoms may develop:

red rashes on the skin, especially the face
dry or scaly skin
dry eyes
brittle hair
hair loss
insomnia or difficulty sleeping
loss of appetite
burning or prickling sensation in the hands and feet
muscle pain
changes in the intestinal tract (frequent upset stomach)
cracking in the corners of the mouth
difficulty walking

Our Biotin Coconut Oil formula is 10,000mcg – twice the strength of most leading brands.

We have added coconut oil to help with the effectiveness of this Biotin supplement, wrapped up in a soft gel for quicker absorption and to make it easy to swallow.


 Gluten, Salt, starch, wheat, maize, lactose, yeast, dairy products, artificial preservatives and colours


IMPROVE THE GROWTH OF HAIR AND NAILS: Biotin supplements with coconut oil (vitamin B7) can increase hair growth and can even help to reduce hair loss. Biotin supplements are also great for improving nail strength and support healthy skin.

MAXIMUM POTENCY: Biotin supplements from us are maximum potency. Many supplements from our competitors contain much less Biotin vitamin B7

WHY BUY BIOTIN SUPPLEMENTS FROM US ? We are a family-run business and trusted brand for a good number of years. UK based, we sell first class products that are exceptional quality and excellent value for money – often 80% cheaper than high street retailers.

MANUFACTURED AND SOURCED IN THE UK: Our Biotin with Coconut Oil supplements are manufactured in the UK to GMP and EU standards in an ISO 9001 accredited facility with a comprehensive HAACP system. We then package under GMP guidelines in our state-of-the-art packaging facility.

QUALITY ASSURED: Backed by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) claim that it contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair, skin & nails.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For adults, take one soft gel daily at any time, ideally with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. It may take 3 to 6 months for improvement. After 6 months use to start again you may discontinue for 6-9 months. 


Gelatine (bovine), Glycerine, Biotin, Soya LecithinCoconut Oil.

For Allergens - see ingredients above in bold.


 You should not use this product if you are allergic to biotin. 

Do not use this product without medical advice if you are pregnant or breast-feeding a baby.

Do not give any herbal/health supplement to a child without medical advice.

Biotin can cause false results with certain medical tests. Tell any doctor who treats you that you are using biotin.

Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Biotin is POSSIBLY SAFE when used in recommended amounts by a healthcare professional during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Children: Biotin is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth and appropriately.

An inherited condition in which the body cannot process biotin (biotinidase deficiency): People with this condition might need extra biotin.

Kidney dialysis: People receiving kidney dialysis may need extra biotin. Check with your health care provider.

Smoking: People who smoke might have low biotin levels and may need a biotin supplement.

Laboratory tests: Taking biotin supplements might interfere with the results of many different lab tests that test the blood. Biotin can cause falsely high or falsely low test results. This might lead to missed or incorrect diagnoses. Tell your doctor if you are taking biotin supplements, especially if you are having lab tests done.

Possible Side Effects: 
Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Common side effects may include:

upset stomach; or
mild skin rash.
This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. 

What other drugs will affect biotin? 
Taking certain medicines can lower your blood levels of biotin, which could affect your biotin dose needs. Ask a doctor or pharmacist before taking biotin if you are also using any of the following drugs:

phenytoin; or

This list is not complete. Other drugs may interact with biotin, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Not all possible interactions are listed in this product guide.


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