50ML. Cold Pressed 100% Pure Country of Origin: Philippines/ Sri Lanka, MADE IN UK.Pressed 100% PURE OIL. Manufacture Date: 06/2018 Best Before:06/2020 . Use:: A natural food and beauty multi-tasker for cooking, baking and frying or application directly to the skin and hair.
Manufacturer: PINK TULIP, UK
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Organic, unrefined coconut oil is the best coconut oil for skin and hair care as it contains all the naturally occurring phytonutrients and polyphenols. So coconut oils described as “virgin,”  “Extra Virgin” , “cold pressed,” or “raw.” are better than refined coconut oil. 

Our Coconut Oil contains vitamin E, a powerful natural antioxidant. It can help fight free radicals that cause damage in the skin. Lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid makes up around 50% of the fatty acid content Coconut Oil. Its unique composition is what makes this oil so useful. 

100% Raw, Cold pressed, Organic,  Extra virgin, Eat it, Wear it, Cook with it.

Coconuts have been used for thousands of years, the trees are mainly grown in the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Extraction/ Production Method: Cold Pressed  ( Unrefined )

Latin name: Cocos Nucifera‚Äč


Ingredient: 100% Coconut Oil

 Package Type: Amber coloured Glass bottle to complience with keep quality of oil. 



  • Anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. ...
  • Better for Eyelash growth
  • Excellent moisturizer for Skin and Hair
  • help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Effective to lighten dark circle
  • Well-known antioxidant properties
  • Help reduce premature aging
  • Hydrating and Repairing
  • Effective to lighten dark spots
  • Good for Hair Conditioning
  • Better Solution for damaged hair 
  • Helps to re-growth process of hair
  • Increases metabolic rate. ...
  • Healthy for your skin, hair and nails. ...
  • Gives you instant energy. ...
  • Good immune system support. ...
  • Supports healthy thyroid function. ...
  • Improves digestion. ...
  • Helps to burn more fat and facilitates muscle development
  • Prevent Vision Loss
  • Useful for weight loss too
  • Controls blood Sugar Level 
  • Treating various skin problems, including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and other infections

How to Use :

Skincare: Use in homemade products like deodorant bars, balms, body scrubs, creams and lotions. Can be used as a gentle and effective cleanser and make up remover.

Massage: Coconut oil is extremely popular as a base for massage. Use it on its own or blend with essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits.

Haircare: Use as a deep conditioning hair mask. Warm the oil until it is a liquid, then massage into damp hair and scalp. Cover with a towel and leave for an hour or overnight. Wash as normal. Top tip – only moisten your hair a little, then add your shampoo and lather before adding more water. This will help emulsify the oil, helping it rinse out easier.

Beauty Hack: Replace your usual shave cream with Coconut Oil for a natural and moisturising shave oil. Why not add a couple drops of Peppermint Arvensis Oil (#107) for a cooling, tingly sensation when shaving?

As with any new product always conduct a patch test before first use.

Safety information: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This natural product cannot be guaranteed free from traces of nuts or other allergens. Seek medical advice before use if suffering from any medical conditions or allergies. Benefits of our products may vary from person to person.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This natural product cannot be guaranteed free from traces of nuts or other allergens. Seek medical advice before use if suffering from any medical conditions or allergies or coconut allergy.

** Recommendation: Always do a patch test on the back of your hand before using any new product on your skin or hair.


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