Superdrug Coconut Oil 125ml

Superdrug Coconut Oil 125ml Expire: 36 months after open up the lid.
Manufacturer: SUPERDRUG, UK
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Superdrug Coconut Oil 125ml

Superdrug Coconut Oil helps condition the skin, scalp and dry or damaged hair. This natural product is solid at room temperature but will gently melt on contact with your skin.

Directions for use

Massage the coconut oil into your skin until absorbed.

To use as leave in conditioner, take a small amount and rub your hands together until it melts. Apply the ends of wet hair and distribute evenly avoiding the roots.

To use as a hair and scalp mask, apply onto dry scalp and massage for 5 minutes, then put on a shower cap or towel to cover hair. For very dry hair, leave mask on over night. Foe normal or oily hair, leave the mask on for 2 hours. Wash the mask from the hair with a gentle shampoo. Repeating if necessary to remove any oil residue.

Do not use as a conditioner. Suitable for vegetarine and vegans.